Photo report from Icicle at Storm Club

Icicle came to Storm club on Friday for another great Authentic Music label night. The crowd got a heavy dose of bass and fresh tunes which is what you'd expect from one of Shogun's warriors. It was nice to see some old friends and a pleasure to meet some new. See you next time!

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Photo report from Storm Club 1st Anniversary - Friday

Last Friday the Let It Roll crew kicked off their first anniversary of Storm club with the Dirtyphonics! It was a high energy night which of course got a bit dirty. Congratulations for a great first year, and many more to come! Check out the Storm club pages for more photos and videos of the whole celebration!

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Photo report from Beats.PM with DJ Zinc @ Roxy 19.9.14

Another high quality night of music and madness at Roxy for the Beats.PM session 08 with DJ Zinc! Theya and Seb kicked off the evening, and the rest of the Beats crew held it down until Zinc touched down and funked up the house. Check us out at Beats.PM for the Shadowbox 15th anniversary party on 26.9!

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Photo report from Rudeboy Invites, Shadowbox na Radio 1

A quick recap of last weekend's fiasco. First we returned to the Beats.PM bunker for Rudeboy Invites #7 with some special guests and big tunes. At the end of the weekend we got back in the studio for a Shadowbox on Radio 1 showcase with Hybris where he discussed his debut album Emergence. Check it!

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Photo report from the rooftop party 30.8.2014

Just a few photos from last Saturday's end of summer rooftop romance with the Beats.PM crew. Some drinks, great people, good vibes, sick tunes, and the sun setting over the south-east Prague skyline, what more could you ask for? Can't wait for the next one!

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Photo report with Rudeboy, Amy Becker

Just a few photos from last weekend when I caught up with Rudeboy. Our first stop was in <span class=\„_5ini fsm fwn fcg\“>Lysá nad Labem for a low-key DnB session, followed by a siiick set by Amy Becker in the house. Lastly we ended up at Storm club for some Saturday night bass with Bifidus Aktif. Big up! 

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Fotky z Let It Rollu od Jirky Livory

Pozdě, ale přece. Nabízíme návrat na drum\'n\'bassový svátek tohoto léta – Let It Roll – který se již podruhé odehrál v Benešově u Prahy. V bývalém vojenském areálu byl k vidění nacpaný line-up, oproti předchozím ročníkům hned několik stages a rekordní návštěvnost.

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Photo report from Pendulum and James Zabiela 8.8.2014

El Hornet and Verse dropped by the Only Open Air Festival in Prague last night and smashed the dance floor with an epic Pendulum DJ set which was followed by house shaking mix by James Zabiela. Big up to those who had enough energy to power through the second half of the all day music event and keep the party alive! 

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Photo report from The Upbeats Let It Roll Warm Up

Dylan from the Upbeats dropped by Storm club last Friday to get us ready for the Let It Roll open air festival this August. In addition to the driving Upbeats sound, the supporting DJ's also had dance floor going wild throughout the rest of the night! Looking forward to the same high energy at the summer LIR!

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Photo report from DnB Fever Open Air III

Big up to the DnB Fever crew for a great party and kicking off the summer open air events for 2014 right! For the third time the guys brought us good tunes, good vibes, and a group of people who are feverish for high quality drum and bass. See you next time!

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Druhé fotky za narozeniny Shadowboxu od Jirky Livory

Shadowbox v Roxy oslavil 15. narozeniny s Delta Heavy, Total Science, MC Dynamitem a kompletní Shadowbox bandou. Pár fotek nám zaslal Jirka Livora, tak pokud si chcete připomenout atmosféru z minulého pátku, čekněte fotky v článku. 

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Photo report from Shadowbox 15th Anniversary @ Roxy 16.5.2014

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us for the 15th anniversary of Shadowbox! It was a pleasure to have Delta Heavy, Total Science, and the whole Shadowbox Crew behind the decks! Check us out soon for our after video and future parties! Big up!

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Photo report from Kom!ks 7.5.2014

The Kom!ks event was an interesting adventure! A night packed with surprises and mischief to say the least. Big up to Schwa, Fatty M, Lumiere for throwing an awesome party with their special guests Catz N' Dogz. See you for the Shadowbox 15th Anniversary @ Roxy! 16.5!

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Photo report from Mood with Dave Owen and Calculon

Part 2 of the tour brought me to Vienna, to get down with Dave Owen and Calculon. Big Up to Paul SG, Jay Rome, Natural Flavor, and Roy Green and Protone for the great hospitality and sweet party! See you on 16.5 for the Shadowbox 15th anniversary @ Roxy!

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Photo report from DnB Arena - Neonlight @ Spy Club

Finally some photos from part 1 of my mini tour last weekend. The first stop was for the DnB Arena premiere in Slovakia with Neonlight. It was a great night to send Spy club off on a high note! Looking forward, we've got the Shadowbox 15th anniversary @ Roxy on 16.5, see you all there!

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