Pět nejlepších drumfunk skladeb podle Meccy

Kromě Bopa s Oakem a jejich Microfunk Crew nabídne třinácté vydání Volnýho Průběhu Crossem v sobotu také dje Meccu z labelu Subtle Audio. Marcel Moorcroft patří mezi hrstku současných producentů posouvajících drumandbassový subžánr Drumfunk. Po hlavních hostech tak zasype Cross komplikovanými zlomeninami a mohutnými bicími, vzpomeňme na skvelé vystoupení Paradoxe.

15. 3. 2017, publikoval NITROUS

Meccu jsme proto poprosili, aby vybral pět nejzásadnějších drumfunkových písní. Jeho komentář jsme s dovolením ponechali v původním anglickém znění.

1: Vertigo – The Drained (Droppin Science)
Mark Pritchard & Danny Breaks track on Droppin Science is still an absolute killer of a tune one of the timeless classics. Its heavy distorted bass underneath the break and dark abstract sounds has a flow that draws you into a dark world immediately and makes you move.

2: Steve C & DJ Monita – Razors Edge (Skeleton Recordings)
This one will always have a place in my heart, firstly as being one of the first Jungle records I purchased back in the day. Also it just pushes all my buttons with what I look for in a tune, deep, dark atmospherics. Heavy low sub bass that when played on a good system just waves through your body where you feel it in your stomach. The beats just roll along with a perfect edit carrying you on a journey to the unknown, this truly is Jungle!

3: Source Direct – The Crane
Only picking one Source Direct track is crushing in that I love everything these guys ever did, and will always aspire to produce tunes with the attitude they exhumed in their music. This though is definitely in the top 10 of my favourites that they made, Amens rinse out like a weapon of mass destruction, bass rolls where I can only express truly with face expression of aggressive bliss.

4: Ricky Force & Mecca – You'll Never Know (Pressin Hard Records)
A blatant self promotion but this was an important track for myself and Ricky too. Ricky had moved back from London, and I had moved back to Dublin so the point where we came together was inevitable and this was our first collaboration. We both put much emotion into this track from life experiences and I think it really came out in the music, deep dark, with light always at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly it always hit the dance floor well, a track to be proud of.

5: Paradox – Curse Of Coincidence (Paradox Music)
This tune when it drops…rewind!!! arms in the air! Paradox is well I can easily say an absolute legend, his beats are something else and his processing and edits here with the Amen are sick, they would break your neck given the chance, I can not but go crazy when I hear this track. Again as with most stuff I'm into its god damned deep, the atmospheres I can get lost in, with the faint whisper of vocals in my ear reassuring me all is well.

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18.3. 2017, Cross club
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publikoval NITROUS